Have a question that isn’t answered – feel free to contact me!

Q: What do you review?

A: I review any books that interest me. I won’t just stick to a particular genre, because my reading taste are all over the place. I do have a tendancy to ready a lot of different romance, but I also enjoy suspense and science fiction. As far as wine, I review anything I’ve tried and liked. Or things I thought hey that bottle looks pretty, I wonder if it taste good. Yes that is truly how I try new kinds of wine. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Q: How do I submit books for review?

A: E-mail me for now. If the blog continues to grow we will change the set-up. However for now, e-mail works fine. Put in Suject Line: Request for Review

Q: How can I contact regarding book spotlight or tour stop?

A: Same as above – e-mail me. In the subject line just put what you are requesting. This will help me make sure everything gets seen.

Q: Is this site appropriate for ages under 18?

A: I would highly advise against it. While I realize age isn’t always relevant to understanding of things, I do recommend not to let the kiddos read. I have a mouth like a sailor not to mention, in the United States you have to be 21 and over to drink.

Q: Do you get paid to do this?

A: Negative. Many of the books I buy myself to review or they are kindly donated by Netgalley for a review. I love reading, I love wine, and I love BDSM. Sharing that with the world is enough. Not to say it wouldn’t be cool someday to have this be my full time job.

Q: Why BDSM?
A: As I grew in my self awareness of this and what I liked, I realize sometimes things happen that you can’t ask. Or there are things you want to know about but you have no one to talk to. I lived in a small conservative town, while there were probably more people into this than I realized, it was hard to find those people. I was waiting for them to bring back burning at the stake. I am not an expert by any means nor do I know everything. BDSM isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about exploration. A person will never know everything there is to know about BDSM. It changes and is different with every person. I will only give my insight or point of view – it’s not gospel.

Q: What other things do you do??
A: I watch tons of movies, have a love affair with music, and game. I am also an avid Chelsea FC fan. I spoil my two pups alot. They have at least 30 toys. Then there is their dog food, some days I am pretty sure they eat better than me.


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