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All alcohol and wine is purchased with our own money. If in the future either of these items are provided as donations, this will not affect the rating. It will be given the same unbiased review as one that aren’t donated.

Please drink responsibly and do not offer alcohol to minors. You must be 21 or order to drink alcohol. We do not condone or are responsible for underage drinking.


Also everyone taste buds are different and so this may affect how different people perceive wine. My partner blogger in crime tends to stray towards dry red wines that are aged in barrels. She also drinks beer, but only the best kind. Bud Light does not count as beer, it counts as piss. I prefer ciders and sweet wines. Two different taste pallets will help us better review alcohols. We will mention beforehand if this is something usually within our drinking preferences or this is something completely new. This may be listed as “I will never ever drink this ever again.” Or “put a bendy straw in the bottle of wine and make it a juice box.”

wineAwful. I will never drink this again. It was not something I found enjoyable.

wine wineMeh. I probably wouldn’t drink this again if there were better choices.

wine winewineOkay: A drinkable wine/drink that may have minor things we didn’t like. Good everyday drinking beverage.

winewinewinewineGood. I enjoyed and would drink again. If I see it, I will probably purchase it.

winewinewinewine wineExcellent! I will buy all the cases of this I can find. It will also have a spot in my home. If I run out, it could be an end of world scenario.


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