Book Rating System


This blog does receive books for review for free by publishers or authors. Regardless of how the book is obtained whether it is given for free or we buy it – we will provide an honest review. If we receive a book for free and we think it’s meh, we will say so. However we will never do so harshly, because it takes a lot of courage to write a book and then publish it. If we think a book is freaking amazing and rocks our socks, we will tell you! We will remain as unbiased as possible to ensure the book is given the credit it deserves.


Books are rated on a 1 to 5 star system. Each star is added for the overall quality of the book reviewed, that includes plot, characters & development, overall message of the book. If we book contains explicit content or disturbing themes, we will make a note of it.

stars_solid_large_pink – Meh. There were so many things that bothered us in this book we either didn’t finish it or it was hard to finish. This is not to say the author is bad. We probably won’t read more books by this author.

stars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pink – Okay/Decent. The book was finished but it was lacking. We personally didn’t enjoy it. We would give this author another chance on other books.

stars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pink – Good! It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t awful either. It was an enjoyable read. We would recommend this to others if asked. We may read other books by the other.

stars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pink – Wonderful! We loved it overall. There were some parts we maybe didn’t like but it didn’t keep us from loving the story. We would probably read other books by this author.

stars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pinkstars_solid_large_pink – LOVE/AMAZING – We loved this book. We would recommend it to a random stranger on the street. We found everything about this book amazing. We will definitely be reading more books by this author.


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