Advanced Review: Hunger (The Energy Vampires #2) by Jacquelyn Frank

Series: The Energy Vampires – Book Two
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Publication Date: August 8, 2017
Sold by: Random House LLC

Two strangers—one warm and human, the other deadly and craving—become pawns in an all-out vampire war as this series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers saga heats up.

As an energy vampire, Halo enjoys the chase for human blood—if it’s pure and consensual. But Halo goes from hunter to hunted when he is knocked unconscious and taken hostage by vicious sycophants. As he comes to, he realizes that he’s naked, starving, and trapped in a sealed room. With him is a deliciously human female, tempting him to feed—except her blood is heady with the scent of poisonous drugs. Never has nourishment been so near, yet so far . . . and it’s all part of the sycophants’ sick game.

The last thing Felice Mendoza remembers is everything going black. She awakens stripped, drugged, exposed, and alone—with a vampire. Halo is at once savage and tender, terrifying and alluring. Felice senses that her only chance to escape depends upon his survival. Given the choice between Halo and his enemies, Felice surrenders to his ravenous hunger. It’s a calculated risk—and a delirious pleasure. As Felice is ushered into a world as dangerous as it is desirable, their fight for deliverance is only the beginning.

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Our Review:
There are tons of vampire books, I mean you could close your eyes spin around a couple times and throw a dart while eyes are still closed and hit a vampire book. I love all vampire books, even the glitter ones but this one was absolutely refreshing. While you could read this by itself without reading the first one, I wouldn’t recommend it. The idea that vampire regains strength from sunlight and feeds only from people with certain health habits was amazing. The villains sycophants are interesting, because you see how much easier it would be to be one but show all the respect that is lost when choosing the easy way. We got a glimpse of Halo in the first book and already I was intrigued especially with the name. The reason behind it is partially due to a reason that annoys him, the video game Halo. Then there is the main female Felice, she on and off annoyed me. That is through no fault of the story, I just get a little annoyed at the whole hot cold, save me wait, get away from me, make love to me, wait get away from me… Not to mention she lost a little of who she was at times, she regains it but be strong woman! When she does get strong though, she fights for Halo and protects him even from himself which I’ve got to respect. Human males in story are stubborn and in some vampire testosterone and stuff, you need someone to look you in the eye and not blink. The team of him and Felice builds and eventually turns into a very strong duo. She may be a woman and human but when she believes in someone, she is fiercer than an e-vamp or an sycophants.

As far as the story though it builds upon the first and shows just how far sycophants are from clean e-vamps. Halo walks the line okay he plays jump rope with it. However in addition because is a bounty hunter, I got the feeling he thought he could handle it better because he was so self-aware. I do wish there was more background regarding the e-vamps and the queen. However, I believe that as the series progresses that will be built upon. It will be interesting to learn more about the committee, their rules and how they came about…well I feel that way about all of it. I can tell there will be lots of twist and turns and I certainly hope I am right as without it, the series could get very predictable very fast. I love sex in a book, but when building a series it also needs to have other stages with it. The author created an interesting world and I hope we see more of it and not always in the bedroom eyes sort of way. I would recommend this book highly though because I ate it like a evamp feeds on a clean food source.

Our Rating:

About the Author:
I am a native New Yorker, was born there and have lived a major portion of my life there. I was born on Lawn Guyland (that’s how we say it, I swear) but have resided in several places. I love animals, specifically cats, to a point of insanity (I actually bought a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ action figure from a fan with a humor shop!) I love my boys like I would honest to goodness children. I am still writing, the muse taking me all over creation. (I was recently accused of having series ADD) But not to fear, I feel things coming full circle and we will be in the Nightwalker world again! I’m still living in Western North Carolina, a happy Asheville resident. My foster daughter, Bianca, still visits with me at least twice a year and is very much a part of my life.

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