Cider Review: McKenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider

McKenzie’s Black Cherry Cider
5.0% ABV
200 Calories per 12 oz serving
Made in West Seneca, NY
Gluten Free

The Blacker The Berry…The Sweeter

The Juice Reserved for the darkest of hearts, McKenzie’s Black Cherry is an inspiration to hard cider – rich amber, full body with a refreshingly sweet cherry finish.

Our Review:
The first thing you will notice about this is the very strong cherry smell when you open it. It kind of reminded me of Robitussin cherry smell, but that is where the similarity ends. It is like a liquid jolly rancher but with a kick. These will get away from you if you’re not careful they are so delicious you forget there is alcohol with them. I like that it doesn’t have a weird after taste because of the sweet flavor. There are some ciders that are great going down but after that it gives this weird taste in the the back of your throat, and if you happen to burp its bad news. That doesn’t happen with this one. The cider reminds me of the scene from the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka movie, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker I suspect this is what he might have been concocting.

This is best served ice cold, I wouldn’t recommend room temperature or warm. If you are in the sharing mood, I can guarantee if you bring this to any summer cookouts you will be one of the most popular people there as everyone will love it. If you don’t feel like sharing, you’ll still feel like a winner while drinking this. I happen to enjoy it with some snickers while playing video games, but it’s also delicious with some spicy steak or just some snacking. In other words, it could go with anything! The price isn’t too bad either, so you’ll be thinking what a rich taste without having to drink to remove the guilt of how much you spent on it.

Our Rating:

About the Company:
McKenzie’s Hard Cider was born in 2011, deep in New York’s “Apple Country.” Our original batches were created in cooperation with Mayer Brothers, a cider mill in Upstate New York with over 160 years of cider production expertise. We are located among some of the world’s most celebrated apple orchards and continue to produce some of the Northeast’s finest varieties of hard cider.

McKenzie’s Hard Cider is an excellent alternative to beer and wine. Cider is gluten-free and lower in calories than other alcoholic beverages. Our award winning ciders are pure, clean and refreshing. We use champagne yeast that is fermented to a flavorful finish and combined with the finest ingredients for an exceptional taste.

McKenzie’s Hard Cider has become a favorite among consumers in New York and many other U.S. markets. It’s time to drink something new and exciting

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