Play: Things Involved Before the Scene

While doing a scene is a one time event, there are several things that go into a scene/playing that happen before it ever takes place. I learned these lessons the hard way, the body can only play as much as you take care of it. If you don’t take care of it, playing can be dangerous for both you and your Dom.

The day or two before you play it’s important you drink lots of water. Things with water in it don’t count, so yes drinking ice tea or Dr. Pepper doesn’t count as water. In fact the caffeine can dehydrate you. Dehydration can make you pass out extremely easy when too many endorphins are released. Water helps carry blood through you veins and blood contains oxygen that your body needs. One time I drink enough water, I thought a couple glasses of water right before playing would be fine. Thirty minutes of play and I got flushed and had to stop playing. I got light headed and all the rope had to be removed and all toys turned off. I didn’t even get to the orgasms before we had to stop. I was also in trouble because I didn’t take care of his toy – me. Playing can tire your body out more than running a marathon.

Also eating is kind of important and eating healthy. If you get super excited and you don’t have enough sugar in your system, you get a surge and you are all out. This can cause lose of vision and fainting. Sometimes you get lucky and are able to alert your Dom, other times you are mid session and you can’t respond properly and you black out. If you are doing edge play at the moment or even just rope tied at certain points, you can be seriously injured. If your Dom isn’t aware that you didn’t eat, you put them at risk as well. If you pass out while being tied up, it takes time to get you out. This can put your life in danger.

Eating right also includes taking correct supplements. If you are wanting to be involved in anal play, you need to make sure your diet includes fiber. Or things can be messy and/or uncomfortable. When you take out a butt plug you just want lube on it, not what you had for breakfast. If you are prone to UTI’s taking a daily cranberry supplement is also important. Your body is only as good as you treat it. Does this mean if you have health conditions you shouldn’t play, absolutely not. It does mean you need to listen to it and take care of it.

If the day of play you are experiencing light headiness and it hasn’t gone away – tell your Dom. Yes, it may mean you may not play but it also means the necessary precautions can be taken. If your having some gas and stomach issues, you Dom needs to know. Because well some bodily fluids are okay, you may have some material come out that you didn’t want.

This may seem like a whole lot of common sense, but I had no idea. I thought as long as your body was fine at the time of play, you were fine. I thought as long as I did eat something during the day it didn’t matter what it was. I thought since Dr. Pepper had water in it, it counted. No one had ever talked to me about caring for the vessel before. Plus talking about fiber supplements and cranberry pills, isn’t usually the first thing people talk about.

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