Booze Review: Leprechaun Dry Cider

Leprechaun+'European+Dry'+CiderABV: 6.9%
Estimated Calories: 207
Flavor: Green Apple
Sizes: 12oz & 22oz bottle. 5.2gl keg
Type: Dry Cider

Paralleled to an “Apple Prosecco”, as well as an Italian or French Sidre. A bright, drier “European Style” cider. Light straw in color, it’s lightly effervescent, yet full-bodied, with balanced citrus and green grape skin notes, along with tart elements of the orchard. A drier, sharp cider pairs with many parallel dishes as a white wine or sparkling wine.

Perfect Pair: Pork Belly, Glazed Lamb Shanks, Italian Cuisine, Shrimp and White Fish, Vinaigrette Tossed Salad, Wild Boar, Nutty Flavored Cheeses such as Gruyère, Gouda, or Cheese Ball With Nuts

Our Review:
First when they say “dry cider” that is not an understatement at all. For a dry cider it’s pretty good, however it was so dry I couldn’t finish it after two sips. I tried to make it more than that, but well it just wasn’t refreshing to me. It’s not a cider I would come home and go damn that was a long day let me pop open one of these.

It’s not that it’s a bad cider but I am a sweet and crisp fan, and this well wasn’t any of the above or even a little bit. I have heard others who do enjoy dry ciders compliment this one well. I will be trying their other ciders as well to see if I can find one to my liking.

The price isn’t bad and the design is pretty. Another plus it started here in Texas. Did I hate it? No. Did I love it? No. Will I buy this flavor again? No. Will I try other flavors of the cider by this company? Yes. I may try this one again with the suggested eating sides. Maybe that will change my mind on things. But most of the time when I drink ciders, I drink it for the cider not to go along with what I’m eating. I’m not classy enough for that.

Our Rating:wine

Cost: Dollar Sign

About the Company:
Leprechaun Cider SymbolOur love of cider was born out of our travels to England, Italy, and Ireland, where cidermaking has been a lifestyle for centuries. Once back in the States, we began searching for traditional old-world style artisan ciders. Unfortunately, our search ended up empty handed. We found hundreds of craft beers, hundreds of fine wines, and hundreds of top shelf spirits, but zero premium cider options. It was a gap which we were driven to fill.

Our goal is the make the best cider we can, and that always starts with the apples. We started our cider making in great state of Texas, but our our philosophy evolved to keep the shortest distance between orchard and bottle. The best apples in the country come from the northern American parallels, so we decided to make the best cider we could, we need to move as close as we could to the source of the best apples on the planet.

The Western border of Vermont, just east of Lake Champlain, grows the finest cider apples in the country. We hand-pick, crush, ferment, filter, and bottle our ciders in the most state-of-the-art craft cidery in the world. With custom made stainless steel tank systems, pomace filtration, and delicate handling to keep every ounce of the juices integrity and nutritional purity for our ciders.

A true “Renaissance” is the only word to genuinely describe the world of artisan ciders in the United States today. The time has come for the original American drink to be treasured once again. It brings us all pride and pleasure to bring you Leprechaun Premium Hard Ciders.

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