Wine Review: Moscato Can by The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Moscato Can 4-PackFragrant dried fruit and floral notes. Palate explodes with ripe apricot, grapefruit and honeysuckle. Finishes softly, lingering with a touch of residual sugar.1 liter (4 250ml cans)

Our Review
You may be wondering wine in a can? Good wine doesn’t come in a can, you lie! My readers I would never lie to you. At one time wine in a can may have been drinking warm piss, but the Moscato by The Infinite Monkey Theorem is absolutely refreshing. As one of the owners of the vineyard said when we had a wine tasting “Up Yours Wine Snobs”. This wine is an equal amount of refreshing and sweetness.

Moscato’s have a wide range of taste. There are some that are so sweet it makes your teeth hurt and then there are ones so mild it’s hard to believe it’s a moscato. Well this is a nice bubbly mix of both worlds. For those moments when you want a nice steak with white wine and the spouse is all “I don’t want any of that fruity shit”, hand them a can of this and just wait. That moment when they open a can and take a sip and then… silence. Then there are those that go moscato with steak dinner, let me point out anything goes with steak.

This is also perfect for a tubing trip or a backyard bbq with friends. Not to mention the can itself looks pretty damn sweet. A monkey on my wine, yes please. Another good note is that the company is bringing their wine making to Austin. They keep things local, so all the fruit that goes into the Austin made wine is from Texas as mother nature allows.

Our Rating:winewinewinewine

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About the Company

Wine Review - The Infinite Monkey TheoremThe Infinite Monkey Theorem states ‘that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare’.

Yes we named our winery after an old mathematical theorem. When you think about it, it’s all about creating order out of a chaotic system and, we would argue, there is nothing more chaotic than growing grapes at 4,500 ft in Colorado and making wine in a warehouse in an alley in a city. There are an infinite number of variables at play, decisions to be made and possible outcomes. It is the job of our team to create order out of this inherently chaotic system as we craft our ridiculously good wine.

When we started the winery, we decided to focus on the variables that really mattered: using the best grapes, harvesting them at their peak, nurturing each batch of juice as it became our wine, and getting to know the people who drink it. We also decided to get rid of the variables that don’t matter: the vineyard location, the rolling hills, and the tasting room covered in granite and marble.

We make our wine in a 15,000 square foot urban winery in the River North Art District of Denver. We source our grapes predominantly from the Western slope of Colorado and the results are top notch, well-respected deliciously accessible wines.

The locale of the winery promotes urbanity and social-mindedness, both giving the winery access to the city and the city access to the winery.

Because The Infinite Monkey Theorem believes the culture surrounding the winery helps define the wine’s quality, the winery takes its position and influence in the local Denver community very seriously. The wines are not only expressions of the local fruit, the process, and the personality of the winemaker, but also expressions of the people drinking the wine. It is a product born out of the community and thus representative of the community.

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