Beer Review: Hollows & Fentimans Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer
Hollows & Fentimans Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Producer: Fentimans
ABV: 4%
Brand: Fentimans
Country of Origin: England

My first thought upon contemplating Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer is, why is it a beer? It doesn’t look like beer. It doesn’t smell like beer. Isn’t this cider? Come to find out, that is a pondering shared by a great many. And when it comes to crafters of ciders or ginger beers, some folks are really fussy about the difference. Spend a few minutes on google and you will find quite the tangent on why its not cider and what defines a home brew cider.

But one point of agreement is that ginger beers are beers because of the fermentation process. Okay, great. Thanks internet! I wonder no more.

My second thought is, I LOVE FENTIMANS and was beyond excited to find that they were selling this ginger dream. I picked up one of their Rose Lemonades (non-alcoholic) at a Natural Grocers while in a hurry on a lunch break one day and my fate was sealed. They have a fun, summery Instagram account with cocktail recipes utilizing their non-alcoholic staples that make it very difficult for me to not call in sick to work and high tail it for the closest body of water, adorable picnic in hand.

My third thought – let’s do this! Upon cracking open that rather large bottle, a wave of ginger tickled my nose. This drink was fizzy and chalked full of ginger flavor! The color surprised me. The bottle was so dark and other ginger beers I have seen were so golden yellow. This was clear and fizzy, no froth on the pour but a short lived layer of bubbles, like a celebratory champagne.

The first taste hit me and struck a chord in mind that whispered… “Cream soda?” before being silenced by the return of that ginger scent and smell. This is an all-natural beverage, so the ginger isn’t clouded with a bunch of other gunk and rings clear and true with every sip. It was so easy to drink, and were it not already a fairly large bottle that I was drinking from, I could have easily had another. It’s only 4% alcohol by volume, so you can bring it to the beach house with no worries that crazy aunt Linda might get over sauced like last year.

Price: Dollar Sign

Our Rating: winewinewinewine

About the Company
Stamp IconThe Hollows story is one that is rooted in heritage and tradition. In 1906, Thomas Fentiman gave away the hand of his eldest daughter, Maria, to John Hollows with a rather unique gift; his secret family recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer.

Following the gift that was a recipe for success, John Hollows proceeded to manage one of the Fentimans family factories, and continued to produce the much-loved Fentimans beverages.

Bottled up in large hand made stone jars known as ‘Grey Hens’ and in signature blue topped jars, Hollows managed door to door delivery to local customers, and began to make his mark on the Fentimans dynasty. Hollows & Fentimans then traded until 1927 when the company became Hollows and Co.

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