Review: Original Hard Apple Cider Strongbow

StrongbowAbout the Cider
Gold Apple hard cider balances the sweet and tart notes of Golden Delicious apples with a smooth, crisp flavor.

Technical Specs
black-club-suitAlcohol: 5%
black-club-suitBrewery: Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd.
black-club-suitImported From: England
black-club-suitKosher: 100%
black-club-suitpH: 3.4
black-club-suitGluten Free
black-club-suitSugar Content: 34 g

Our Review
I tried this at a Paramore concert with my friend. They didn’t have a lot of options and I love regular apple ciders so I decided to buy one. Three or maybe it was four later, I was in love.

Now my fridge is never without a pack of Strongbow with it. It is a bit tart but not in a bad way. It reminds me of biting into an apple on a warm summer day. I have yet to find a food it doesn’t go with. It compliments a dinner of steak and potato just as well as lasagna and garlic bread. It comes both in cans and glasses. I don’t really notice a difference in taste between the can and glass bottle. They both taste exactly the same to me.

The price is excellent. A six-pack cost around $7.00 here, which is amazing. If you need a little extra pop for that rough day, I would HIGHLY recommend adding a shot of Fireball Whiskey to it. It makes it taste like that apple cinnamon candy you were given at your grandparent’s house as a kid.

Price Dollar Sign

Our Rating winewinewinewine

About the Company

strongbow-us-logo-2In 1962, Bulmer’s began crafting Strongbow in Hereford, England. Embodying 125 years of cider-making tradition.

And like their namesake, Richard “Strongbow” de Clare, who was legendary for his skill with the bow and arrow, they’re setting their sights and making their mark. Their cider’s crisp, refreshing taste sets the tone for the rest of the night. They’re the go-getters. The makers and doers. Every hour is golden.

What Did Ya Think?

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