Wine Review: Sparkling Raspberry by Messina Hof

rsz_sparkling_raspberryAbout the Wine

Our Sparkling Raspberry explodes with delicious red raspberry flavor on top of hints of pear and green apple. It is a straw-colored demi-sec sparkling wine that is lively and a refreshing change from the traditional Brut. Serve chilled.

Technical Specs
♣ Acidity: .85
♣ Alcohol: 11.0%
♣ Blend: Chardonnay & Chenin Blac
♣ Brix at Harvest: 22 Degrees Farenheit
♣ Fermentation: Cool Stainless Steel
♣ pH: 3.4
♣ Residual Sugar: 2.0%

Our Review
The first zip taste like a raspberry bubble just popped in your mouth. Then there is a bit of fizziness on your tongue. It is sweet like the that’s in it, but it’s not overpowering. I could very well drink this at anytime. It is perfect for a summertime BBQ or a at home dinner date.

Warning though it taste so absolutely delicious, the bottle will disappear pretty quickly. The way to opening this bottle is similar to a champagne bottle. The top is wrapped in foil. Once you take that off, there is a metal encasing around a cork. Untwist that casing and pull out the cork, voilà! This is also a plus to this bottle, perfect for a picnic. No worrying about a metal cork screw.

It does have a bit of a dryness to it, but not overwhelming. It’s a perfect mixture of dry and sweet. This would be perfect with a chocolate cake too. Although, I find that to be true of a lot of the wines I drink.

Anytime I visit this vineyard or a local alcohol store, I always find myself leaving with a bottle. I would highly recommend it for your next get together or just a bubble bath with wine.

Price: Dollar Sign

Our Rating: winewinewinewinewine

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About the Vineyard

Messina Hof is a family owned business based on the three cornerstones of family, tradition, and, romance; and is dedicated to produce a gold medal winning wine in every varietal and to maximize opportunities developed from the wines in a tourism destination focused on the best in hospitality, food, and customer service.

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