Safewords – The Importance, Meanings, and Everything Else


Safewords are by definition at the simplest words to keep you safe. They also keep all parties involved safe. The safe words lets all involved parties know that things are either okay and it is “safe” to continue to continue or that all actions needs to stop immediately. There are three universal ones used, however the parties involved may specify separate words. For example, my safeword for a scene to stop is “Glitter.”

232px-Green_Light_Icon.svgGreen – Everything is okay in the scene. Both parties involved are fine to proceed there is no danger. It is one syllable and easy to use. For example, Adam just flogged Eve and it appears to left a more red mark than he was planning to start with. He wants to ensure eve is okay, so he will ask “What level are we at?” If Eve is okay and the flogging didn’t bother her, she would respond “Green.”

Yellow LightYellow -This means there could be an issue. The sensation level isn’t bad yet and mentally the submissive is starting to feel a bit rough. It’s not to the level of yellow but slowing down may needed for a bit. For example a submissive is currently in rope being suspended from the ceiling. She has been there about 10 minutes and tingling in her toes is starting to happen. The Dom noticing something is off ask how the submissive is doing. She responds with yellow. The Dom then knows he may need to readjust the ropes or lower the submissive for a bit. She doesn’t need to stop the scene completely, there are just adjustments that need to be made.

Red LightRed – Everything in the scene stops immediately. There are zero exceptions. If the submissive yells red, the Dom must stop. This could indicate something is severely wrong. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Dom did something wrong. Perhaps the Dom and sub have done this scene before but the sub’s body reacted differently and it hurts in a bad way. Using this safeword should not be used lightly or as a joke.


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